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Our Subsidiaries

We specialize in providing expert guidance for individuals, businesses, and organizations across various financial domains. Our experienced team offers tailored solutions for investments, risk management, and corporate finance. Let us empower you to make informed decisions and secure your financial future.

Moneyfield Microfinance Bank

Moneyfield MFB empowers individuals, businesses and enterprises with limited access to traditional banking services. Through tailored financial products such as loans and savings accounts, they foster financial inclusion.

Moneyfield MFB is committed to providing unparalleled banking services to SMEs and the minimum wage earners of the Nigerian populace. The Bank was granted an operational license by the Central Bank of Nigeria on 11th January, 2011.

The Bank engages in the following business activities:
• Micro Loans and Credit
• Equipment Leasing for reputable organizations and individuals
• Deposit Mobilization
• Local Money Transfer
• Capacity Building and Human Development
• Other Micro-Banking Services

Financial Management

We offer financial and advisory solutions to individuals, businesses, and government agencies and also oversee diverse investment portfolios, aiming to optimize returns for clients. Capitalfield Financial Management Limited (CFML) is a subsidiary incorporated to undertake a wide range of services as a Finance company specifically, but also to facilitate other beneficial businesses that are within its purview and incidental to its core business.

CFML presently participates only in the Nigerian money market. The money market is essentially a market for short term financing. It is a market where securities of short term maturities are traded. Short dated securities may range from a few days to one-year maturity. The major activity in the money market is financial intermediation, which entails saving, lending and borrowing of money via different instruments. The huge volume of transactions that is executed on a daily basis make the money market a very good source of liquidity.

Our expertise includes, but not limited to: 1. Consumer Loans 2. Funds Management 3. Asset Finance 4. Project Finance 5. Local and International Trade Finance. 6. Financial Consultancy

Asset Management

With expertise across various asset classes, they strategically navigate financial markets to help clients achieve their long-term financial objectives.
Capitalfield Asset Management Company Limited (CAMCO) is an investment banking firm duly registered and licensed by the Securities & Exchange Commission “ SEC” a s a Fund/Portfolio Manager.

At CAMCO, we pride ourselves as a private company of dedicated professionals and specialists in asset and wealth management. The company is devoted to the investment legacy and personal needs of our clientele (Individual & Institutional). We employ only the best people who are committed to ensuring that your assets are managed in line with global best practice and our success is measured by the growth, safety and security of our clients’ investments.

CAMCO offers you a wide range of options and opportunities to access various Fixed Income Instruments, Money Market Instruments and Equities.

Bureau De Change

At CIT Bureau De Change, seamless currency exchange services are provided. Offering competitive rates, they facilitate the conversion of currencies for travel, trade, and international transactions, ensuring efficient and reliable foreign exchange solutions.

We are licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to carry out Foreign Exchange transactions.

We deal in major world currencies: American Dollars (USD), Great British Pounds (GBP), Euros (EUR), South African Rand (ZAR), Canadian Dollars (CAD) and other currencies. We have a very diverse clientele base that spans across all industries and have the capacity to meet their demand consistently and in a timely manner with the following services: • Foreign Bills Settlements • Import & School Fees Payments • Exchange of Foreign Currencies • Sale of Personal and Business Travel Allowance (PTA/BTA).

Logic Vantage & Trust

We streamline procurement processes and project execution. By sourcing materials, managing logistics, and providing project oversight, they ensure timely and cost-effective project delivery. As a diverse multilateral business support provider, Logicvantage & Trust (LGV) specializes in Project Management, Procurement, Installation and Construction projects for both the private and public sector of the Nigerian economy.

Logicvantage & Trust was incorporated in 2003 and has maintained high business standards over the years of its operation. Our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment management systems and processes are best practice certified. We work with our clients to improve productivity, drive efficiency and reduce economic risk. This is evidenced by our various projects with Government agencies, parastatals as well as privately owned businesses. We work with domestic and international clients to deliver the right materials and services on time at the best price, leading to overall project success.

Our procurement team brings unparalleled leadership and experience; we have a proven supply chain ensuring that our clients receive what we promised, in a timely wellexecuted manner. Our services include:
• Construction Management Consultancy
• General Supplies/Procurements of office furniture/stationery and electronic gadgets (desktops, laptops, office printers, etc).
• FMCG Distribution

Seedland Agro Allied Ltd

Our Agriculture division engages in farming, processing, and exporting agricultural products. We are committed to sustainable practices that bring nourishment to global markets while preserving our environment.

Seedland Agro-Allied Ltd was incorporated to carry out the trading of agro commodities and the provision of agro-allied services. We also engage in the processing, preserving, storing, marketing and exportation of agricultural products to service both local and international demands. Our wide produce range covers Raw Cashew Nuts (RCN), Dry Split Ginger (DSG), Sesame Seed and Wheat Bran. Other commercial product ranges include Soya Beans, Charcoal and Shea Butter.

Seedland Agro processes are within best practice standards, driven by efficient trade logistics and delivery competencies coupled with our modern warehousing facility.

Roots Mining Co Ltd

Our presence in Mining & Solid Minerals involves the exploration, extraction, and processing of valuable minerals and solid resources. Roots Mining Co. Ltd was incorporated to carr y out exploration, mining and trading of indigenous solid minerals.

Our mineral commodity supply range spans gemstones to metallic & nonmetallic materials of diverse specifications which are traded commercially through our Mineral Buying Center.

Some of the allied extractive product and service range include minerals processing, rock crushing and supply of quarry stones, lead, zinc, gravel, tiles, marble, granite, limestone, clay, feldspar, asphalt etc. Our success is embedded in our adherence to global best practice environmental protection standards alongside the dedication of our seasoned and competent personnel.

Tentropics Marine

Tentropics Marines Ltd (TML) was incorporated in 2013 to carry out specialty maritime services such as dredging, clearing & freight forwarding, marine logistics, ship chandelling , ship broking , stevedoring, shipping agency and ship breaking.

TML commenced operation with a fully licensed dredging site and modern base within the Lekki coastline. Our focus is on client support and partnership while preserving the environment and host communities.

Our policy and continuing corporate objective is to exceed our clients’ expectations by providing excellent services through tailored maritime solutions, targeted at meeting statutory, technical, safety and contractual project and delivery requirements.

Energy & Allied Services

We’re your partners in ensuring the smooth flow of energy resources while adhering to the highest industry standards.

Capitalfield Energy & Allied Services Limited (CEAS) was incorporated in 2010 as a wholly indigenous and well capitalized energy and derivatives company, engaged integrated commercial activities of the downstream and upstream sectors of the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry.

Our downstream operations offer a distinct specialization in the sale and supply of petroleum products within and outside Nigeria. We supply products such as PMS, DPK, AGO, LPFO and Base Oil. Our upstream services cover equipment & material supply services, OCTG, related tubular products and offshore support services.