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Trendy fashion, new and improved gadgets, faster cars, bigger houses. It’s human nature to want these things… to desire them; and the carefully executed promotional campaigns that constantly push them in our faces exist to feed that desire solely for the benefit of the people and corporations who make money off them; off you.  

Now, we are not saying new things are evil. You work hard and deserve to have the good stuff, but impulse buying without proper planning should be carefully checked before it spirals out of control and deals a lasting damage on your finances. It is a mental tug of war between the desire to acquire “Life’s Finer Things” for that temporary feeling of instant gratification and the need to grow our financial capacity by investing the money wisely. 

Why stock up liabilities when you could build up assets that yield returns? Why swim in a pool of debts just to acquire things you do not actually need? Why disrupt your financial stability for a short-lived rush when you could invest in something with lasting value?  

The trick? Lock in the extra cash. A digital savings account is an easy, reliable way to achieve this. Let us help you save conveniently and consistently with amazing interest rates.  

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