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Looking For a Supplier Of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) In Lagos?

Getting a reliable supplier of PMS in Lagos can be a tough call due to increasing demand from the ever-growing commercial population in the state, but with a dependable supplier, you can cut through the hassle and enjoy sufficient availability of petrol for all your business needs.

If you’re a business owner or manager seeking to buy Premium Motor Spirit in Lagos? Capitalfield is a major supplier of PMS in Lagos, handling procurement, storage and transportation of PMS across the state through its full-scale transportation systems and terminals. Capitalfield also has central depots in major locations within Lagos to serve a vast number of PMS end-users and independent marketers.

Why Should You Buy PMS in Lagos from Capitalfield?

  1.  We ensure you have a steady supply of petroleum by maintaining strategic business relationships with companies that can guarantee constant availability.
  2. In partnership with oil and gas companies in Lagos, we have extensive storage capabilities to keep your petroleum procurements, no matter the quantity they may be.
  3. Capitalfield has a strong network of local and international partners in the upstream and midstream sectors that work hard to meet the demands of PMS by clients.

How We Supply PMS in Lagos

Lagos is one of the major locations where Capitalfield’s petroleum marketing and transportation operations are primarily concentrated. We have Strategic depots near major commercial zones in Lagos and manage a full-scale transportation system that allows us to truck PMS to our customers wherever they may be located in Lagos.

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