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  Everybody loves the good life. That’s a fact. This is why people often feel the need to share news of a big achievement and why we all feel drawn to successful people and their stories. There’s a thing line however, between desiring the good things of life and succumbing to consumerism; which is the uncontrollable desire to acquire consumer goods. Soon, you find yourself moving from buying the things you need, to what you want and eventually to what you don’t even like! And when you can’t immediately afford it, you borrow from tomorrow and buy it today. Needless to say, such spending habits on the long run will only hurt your finances with far reaching effects. Ask yourself these 4 questions to know if you are leaving outside your means;
  1. Do you spend to impress?
  2. Do you have an emergency fund?
  3. Do you live pay check to pay check?
  4. Do you borrow to support your lifestyle?
Do any of these sound familiar? Is this you or someone close to you? Do you desire to redefine your finances? Old habits are difficult to break. But with the right accountability partner and expert guidance, you can form healthy financial habits with long term benefits. We are here to work you through the process. 01 4547 432