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Saving in a rather unstable economy coupled with a high cost of living could understandably be a challenge. It is also a convenient reason why a lot of people fail to save for the rainy day. What if we offered you a high interest savings account, the option of saving daily, weekly or monthly; and also cashing out conveniently, wouldn’t you want to give it a re-think? Hold on to this thought.  First, let us see the top 5 reasons people say they are not saving money today:
  • I’m not earning enough – What though is “enough”? What you are likely to discover is the more money you have the more expenses you have also. It’s really more about cultivating the culture. A person who is able to save even on a little income can be disciplined enough to do so when the income increases. You can take advantage of our Microfinance Digital Target Savings Account. Let’s be your accountability partner.
  • I have to pay off debt – Even the richest have debt, yet this aren’t excuses for them not to save. Get help as soon as possible from us at the CIT MicroFinance Bank and consolidate your debt to ease up on the monthly repayments you have to make. We would help you be free from pressure and tension. Talk to us on how to get out of debt for good. 07000 248 632
  • I don’t know where all the money goes! Your solution is simple: Draw up a budget…and stick to it. This is the game changer you need. And no, we don’t mean a mental budget. Put it on paper, or a device. That way it becomes real to you, you know exactly where your money is going, recognize unnecessary expenses and do away with them. Simply put, be your money’s boss. Take charge and control your expenses.
  • No strategic goal on sight – It may be difficult to save if you don’t have a particular target. Set strategic goals for yourself, open one, two, even three interest savings account with CITMFB – Name these accounts according to your savings goals. Saving money is a good thing at any time, but when you have an actual savings plan the reward is much better.
  • My expenses are too high – Having a high expense will eat you up and leave you nothing to save, you need to scrutinize your spending. Tracking your expense for just one month will be an eye-opener. Cut down on unnecessary expenses and convert to savings.It only takes a small deposit to grow your investment. Obviously, the longer you leave your money in a savings plan, the bigger your reward.Whatever your plans, we got you covered with the CIT MFB Digital Target Savings Account.Enjoy convenience. Stay consistent…and the rest will be history. Make no more excuses. Click on this link to get started on this rewarding journey.
  Written by Olusegun Osinusi Edited by Afoke Richmond